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January 31, 2010
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Neverland by Dani-Lefrancois Neverland by Dani-Lefrancois
On Top of Mt Arab
Adirondack Mountains
Upstate New York, USA

Awesome hike up Mt Arab brought us to this beautiful look out spot. It was overcast the entire weekend I was there, oh wells!

fully reedited.

ęCopyright Danielle Lefrancois. You may not use, replicate, manipulate, or modify this image without my permission. All Rights Reserved.
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For me this image has heaps of potential.. there's some interesting hazy light across the mid-to-distant landscape, which is offset nicely by the darker peaks of the hills, and the scenery itself is rather epic, with no obvious signs of human intervention (often a sought-after thing in nature photography!). An elevated point of view such as this will typically scream at the photographer to try and get it all in in one shot, and while I do appreciate the wider view here, I think there are a number of things which could have been done to improve the end photograph.

Composition: I can see the photographer has tried to create a visual dynamic between foreground and background through the inclusion of the water element in the right of the foreground. This in itself is an admirable idea, as there is rather a lot of compositional dead space in the midground, and the eye needs something to anchor it before it follows its natural course to the background of those mountains and clouds. However, not enough of the water in the river is visible as it (presumably) winds away to the left of the frame, and as a result it kind of fails to lead the eye since it is too marginally positioned towards the right of frame. The water feels more like a separated afterthought than a dynamic compositional element, however it does still work to a degree. Had it been placed more towards the front-centre of frame, I feel it would have been more effective. Alternatively, a tighter panoramic crop about halfway up the frame, cutting the foreground water out altogether, might have been effective. I have seen this image in use as a banner on Dani’s website and I think it works quite well with such a crop.

Exposure: immediately my eyes are drawn towards the clipped highlights in the sky, at the top of the frame about ╝ in from the left, which for me detract from the shot as my eyes are drawn back to the part where there is no detail, bright and eye-catching as they are, rather than being allowed to roam about the soft hazy light and hilltops. I assume the shot was taken in RAW so a bit of careful recovery might be able to save it. I wouldn’t rule out cropping it from the top as a last resort either, as the shot is panoramic in nature anyway and masses of sky isn’t really necessary for a shot like this.

In terms of other technical stuff, Dani has chosen a good ‘landscape aperture’ of f/13 for a deep field of view, and shooting at iso 100 should have helped keep the noise down. However I do detect a bit of noise in this edit, most noticeable near the horizon and in the darker parts of the clouds. Nothing a little noise reduction couldn’t take care of though I'm sure.

In terms of the lighting, yes it is rather overcast but the light is quite soft and diffused as well considering the time of day (early afternoon in mid summer usually meaning harsh light), but the b&w conversion was a good option here, was done well, and suits the conditions quite nicely. It also helps draw attention to that attractive haze offsetting those dark peaks.

To summarise if it was my shot I think I’d crop the water out from the bottom and look at maybe recovering a bit of detail in the whitest parts of the clouds. I’d also look to draw attention to those peaks and the hazy light among the landscape as much as I could. Aside from a couple of small technical issues though this is a nice shot with a good sense of wilderness and untouched nature.
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